#1 Stun Gun for Overall Features/Price


ShockTEK Defense TEK-8 Stun Gun

Price: Approx. $65

Includes: TEK-8 Stun Gun, Nylon Case, Charging Cord & 90 Day Warranty.

Price: $65. We HIGHLY recommend the ShockTEK Defense TEK-8 stun gun. Please read below to see how and why we rated and reviewed this stun gun so well.

The ShockTEK Defense TEK-8 is the highest quality stun gun that we’ve ever tested in the under $100 price range. With so many cheap foreign manufactured stun guns on the market, its becoming extremely difficult to locate a quality stun gun anymore. The TEK-8 is the best bang for the buck stun gun that we’ve EVER tested. Other comparable stun guns that we’ve tested are usually priced between $250-$600+. Don’t be fooled by its compact size, this is one SERIOUS stun gun. You do NOT want to be hit with one of these, thats for sure!
ShockTEK Defense TEK-8 Stun Gun Product Demo Video:

Maximum Voltage Test -

Maximum Average Voltage (Button Depressed for 3 seconds, battery is FULLY Charged) – 8,361,540 Volts

Reliability -
This stun gun held up to 100% of its claims during our reliability and real-world tests. We ran into no problems and we are confident that you will find the same reliability as well.

Battery Life -
The battery on this stun gun is AMAZING. When ShockTEK Defense contacted us, they said we would be shocked at the battery life. Even after carrying this stun gun with us for a few weeks, and using the flashlight daily, it always had enough charge to be able to test that the stun gun works properly. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a long battery life on your stun gun. They use a Lithium Ion battery in all ShockTEK stun guns, so when you do charge it, the charge time is short and we think you’ll probably only have to charge it for 1-2 hours once every 2 months.

Warranty -
The standard warranty that ShockTEK Defense offers is a 90-Day FULL warranty. However, I have heard that ShockTEK will cover warranty requests even longer in some situations. When they sent us their package, there was a warning that if we didn’t follow a specific procedure that the warranty could be voided so make sure to follow their step-by-step warranty process.

Voltage Stabilization Test -
Average Voltage Stabilization Test (Button Depressed for 10 seconds, battery on FULL charge) – 6,291,421 Volts

Case/Holster -
I wouldn’t say that the nylon case that they include is made from the highest quality materials, but it does get the job done.

Full Charge Time -
Since this stun gun has a Lithium-Ion battery, ShockTEK recommends to charge it for 2-3 hours once every month. We feel that realistically you could charge this stun gun for 1-2 hours once every 2 months. The charge time is excellent since this unit is equipped with a Lithium Ion battery.

Flashlight Brightness -
The flashlight is VERY bright on the TEK-8, we have no complaints on the brightness of the flashlight.

Overall Quality -
The ShockTEK TEK-8 is a VERY high quality stun gun. Every part of this stun gun is from the highest quality components besides the included nylon case. The nylon case gets the job done and for the overall price, you simply cannot beat the TEK-8 stun gun.

Overall Value -
From a perspective of overall value, you simply will NOT find a better quality product for a more affordable price. This is the reason why we rated the ShockTEK Defense TEK-8 Stun Gun as the highest quality stun gun on the market today. You will be amazed by the attention to detail, voltage, flashlight and customer service that ShockTEK provides.

Conclusion -
We wish all stun guns were produced like the TEK-8. From the quality of the components to their outstanding customer support, you simply will not find a better company to serve your self-defense needs. They are truly an exceptional company and we look forward to testing more and more of their products in the future. Keep up the good work guys!

Conclusion Rating
Maximum Voltage
5 stars
5 stars
Battery Life
5 stars
5 stars
Voltage Stabilization
5 stars
4 stars
Full Charge Time
5 stars
Flashlight Brightness
4 stars
Overall Quality
5 stars
Overall Value
5 stars

20 Comments/Reviews

  • jason markwich says:
    5 stars

    I purchased one of these tek-8 stun guns after seeing my friends tek-8 that he bought. The sound alone is enough to scare someone off from across the street. If you’re looking for the highest quality stun gun for the best price, don’t even look further. Shocktek is a great company to work with as well. My friend’s unit stopped working after 3 years of use and even though it was out of warranty they replaced his unit for free. Its also nice to find out that they sell these online now, they only used to be sold through dealers a few years ago. I cannot say enough about the quality of shocktek products its a great company, great customer service and beyond incredible products.

  • Kim says:
    5 stars

    I LOVE my shocktek tek-8 stun gun! After showing my tek-8 to my friends they were impressed, now we all have stun guns when we go out. It’s great to bring with you to the bar/club scene just in case those creepy guys that won’t leave you alone and keep following you just don’t stop. Even if you don’t need to pull it out, it gives you that extra peace of mind anywhere you go! I’ve had mine for the past 2 years without even a single issue and the battery life lasts at least 3-4 months without a single charge. Great product, I cannot express how many times this stun gun has given me peace of mind!

  • James D says:
    5 stars

    I’ve owned my TEK-8 for the past 3 years now and it still works with no issues. I’m now in the market for one for my girlfriend, I wouldn’t even consider going to another company for my stun gun needs.

  • Eileen Wilkinson says:
    5 stars

    Thank you so much for providing all the information you do on this website. I purchased the shocktek tek-8 a few weeks ago and I’ve been impressed with it ever since! After my husband saw how nice mine was he said he was going to pick one up as well. This is the best $60 I’ve ever spent! Does this site have a newsletter or email sign up to get more info when a new stun gun or taser gets reviewed?

  • Steve says:

    How close does the person have to be to stun them?

    • Lois says:

      I am considering purchase of a ShockTEK but would like answers to questions above. Does the above comment mean that the device itself must actually touch a person? I can’t see that as much of a defensive weapon. Maybe what I am looking for is a taser.

      • Keith says:
        5 stars

        You can consider a taser if you’d like but your taser wont shot off any more than 3 shots so you have to hope the person goes down with you “one” guaranteed shot. One of my students asked me if it was legal to carry a stun gun in Maryland? REALLY? Why do you care! If someone is attacking you, or trying to rape or kill you do you think that’s going to be one you mind? Trust me, NO jury in the world is going to find you guilty. My words to my kids in college are, “I’d rather be tried by a jury of 12, than carried by 6.

    • keith says:
      5 stars

      Yes, you have to be close to the person in order to use you “Stun gun”. A taser is different, you can be a few feet away. However, if you are at a distance form a threat, then you have the strong options to walk/run away. As a final result, if you have to defend yourself, most likely the person is going to be close to you anyway. So a stun gun is a very good weapon to have and easy to hide and catch someone off guard if they are going to attack you. It’s looks like a cell phone. Take the class on how to use it and you’ll feel very safe in most situations. I hope this is helpful to you. From a Professional Expert

  • HK Guns & More says:
    5 stars

    I am one of ShockTEK’s vendors and I cannot say enough positive words about what an excellent company they are. Great products for a great price.

  • Admin says:

    Steve, all STUN GUNS must make contact with the attacker as a stun gun does not shoot a projectile. TASERS on the other hand can shoot electrically charged projectiles anywhere from 15-25 FT. depending on the model of taser.

    • Bill Reynolds says:

      I have been attacked from behind by what I believe is a taser sending me to the pavement lacking reflexes.Any comment?

      • Keith Turner says:
        5 stars

        Bill, you said that you were attacked from behind by someone with a taser “Any comments?” Well, the first comment that I have to say to you is: At least you know it works now. :) The second thing I have to say is that you HAVE TO BE more alert to your surrounds and don’t be so relaxed just because a person looks alright. However, don’t feel bad because as a self defense trainer, everyone has let their guards down before. It’s just that you got attacked while yours were down. Get your stun gun from Shock Tek and make sure you have something to defend yourself with next time.

  • Mario says:


  • JW says:

    Assuming the Tek-8 stun gun is used against an assailant. How much time, on average, would one have to run/leave, get help, before the assailant can move/respond etc.

    • Keith Turner says:
      5 stars

      Hey JW, that’s going to depend on how long you stun him/her and where. 1-3 seconds gives you a lighter response than 3-5 seconds along with where you stun him/her at on their body. My thought is: if you attack me, you mean me no good. So I will stun you 3 or 4 times while you’re down on the ground and each stun will last for at least 5 seconds, then I’ll call 911 and continue to stun you while I wait for them to arrive. He will be mad if the police take forever to arrive. I doubt if I would run and leave him there to get up later and try to attack someone else tomorrow. She may not be as prepared. :)

  • Brandon says:

    Has anyone ever had to use this on anyone? Will it actually stop a attacker?

    • Keith Turner says:
      5 stars

      Hi Brandon. Yes, I have used it one time on someone to break up a fight. Oh yes! IT WORKS. The only problem is winter time when someone may have a thick coat on. At that point you will have to know the other parts of the body to attack like I teach my clients.



  • Vic says:

    What dose this do to some one with a pace maker

  • Martin Palacio says:

    Where can I buy 3?

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