Stun Gun Laws by State

Stun Guns are not legal to own in all states. Please read below to see if your city/state is on the prohibited list or not.

Below we have separated stun gun laws into 3 different main categories. These categories are: prohibited states/cities/counties, frequently asked questions and traveling with stun guns. Please make sure to read each section carefully as it is important to understand as many laws as you possibly can regarding stun guns.

** NOTICE ** – Even if your state is on the prohibited list, it doesn’t necessary mean that you can’t own a stun gun within a particular state. Stun gun retailers and manufacturers cannot ship to prohibited states, but we have found that nearly 100% of self defense product retailers are willing to ship to you if you can provide an alternate address. Most retailers are willing to ship your order to a friend or family member at an alternate address and then your friend/family can relay the package to you.


Prohibited States/Counties/Cities for Stun Guns

The following STATES are ILLEGAL to own or possess a stun gun:

  • Hawaii
  • Illinois – LEGAL but has restrictions – Illinois Stun Gun Laws
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan – Stun Guns are prohibited. Only devices that contain an identification and tracking system that dispenses coded material when the device is used are allowed. TASER devices are the only ones currently legal.
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • District of Columbia

The following CITIES are ILLEGAL to own or possess a stun gun:

  • Annapolis, MD
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Chicago, IL
  • Philadelpia, PA

The following COUNTIES are ILLEGAL to own or possess a stun gun:

  • Baltimore County, MD
  • Crawford County, IA


Frequently Asked Stun Gun Questions

Q: Are stun guns legal to own?
A: YES, this is has been a common misunderstanding for many years. It is 100% legal to own a stun gun for civilian self defense as long as you’re not a minor, no felony record and intend to use it ONLY for self defense.

Q: For it to be legal to carry a stun gun, does it have to be concealed?
A: This will all depend on your state/city/county that you live in. Since there are so many different laws for different states, we recommend that you contact your local law enforcement office for any details that they can offer on the topic. For MOST states, the stun gun does not have to be concealed.

Q: Am I allowed to keep a stun gun in my car or purse?
A: Different regions have different regulations and laws. For almost all states, this is perfectly legal and not a problem. If you want the most precise answer for the city that you live in, we recommend contacting your local law enforcement office for details. 99% of the time we have found that it’s perfectly legal to keep a  stun gun in your car or purse as long as stun guns are legal in your state.


Traveling with a stun gun

This will depend on where you are going and how you plan to carry the stun gun. According to the Transportation Security Administration, stun guns and personal self-defense sprays are allowed to be in checked baggage with restrictions. Stun guns are prohibited though from bringing them in carry-on baggage. If you would like more information regarding stun gun traveling laws, please visit the following link:


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  • janet says:
    5 stars

    i am a 62 year old who weighs 100 pounds.i might be small but believe me i am very spunking.about 25 years ago i was robbed (he snatched my purse ).it scared me so much that i would not leave my house by my self for months.finally i got my self together and learned how to shoot a hand gun.a few weeks ago i purchased a stun gun (1 of your brand )i love never know who is lurking around corners,but i just wanted you to know that i feel very comfortable having it with me.

  • Mona says:

    Where can the TEK 8stunguns be purchased in my area 34698 Florida

  • Admin says:

    Mona, At this time we believe that the TEK-8 can only be purchased online. If you search for TEK-8 on google, you should be able to find a retailer that has one for sale.

  • Toni says:

    My neighbor brought a gun into our community for no reason except that she does not like me. She pointed at the gun and pointed at me as if to say this is for you. The Police Officer who is a friend of her friend did nothing but say she said it was a telephone. I had a witness and I am frightened. I own a stun gun & I feel I should be able to use it if necessary.

  • Debbie says:

    Can people in Montana have a stun gun? If so I would like t get one

  • mike says:

    does a stun gun need contact with skin to be affecty

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