Stun Guns Vs. Guns

In many ways a stun gun is more practical than a gun. However, this comparison is in no way to be confused that a stun gun is better than a gun. A gun will always provide its owner with a better sense of security and safety, however there are some legal issues to be discussed. In many ways, most gun owners should agree with what is written within this comparison. Just like we did our stun guns vs. tasers comparison, we will begin with the pros and cons of each. Comparing a stun gun to an actual gun is like comparing apples to oranges. We believe that both stun guns and guns have their time and place and that there is not just 1 single solution.

Stun Gun Pros/Cons


  • Inexpensive
  • No training necessary
  • No registration or paperwork required to legally own a stun gun
  • Lightweight
  • No legal issues (if used in accordance to the law)
  • No risk of legal issues (if used in accordance to the law)
  • Stun guns will only temporarily disable an attacker – not kill them or cause serious injury
  • No cost of ammunition


  • If someone breaks into your home a stun gun is NOT the best self defense
  • A stun gun is not proper self defense to other weapons such as guns or knives
  • Doesn’t shoot a projectile so things will get personal with hand to hand combat


Gun Pros/Cons


  • Lets face it, there’s no better all-around self defense weapon than a gun.
  • Shoots a projectile so things don’t get personal – the situation can be resolved at a distance
  • The absolute BEST home self defense that money can buy.


  • Expensive
  • Requires a course to legally carry a concealed weapon. Minimal practice required for improving aim.
  • Registration is required – you are a gun owner so you need to understand your legal rights and laws regarding guns.
  • Guns are not lightweight, they are heavy.
  • Risk of legal issues if you do not follow the law properly – remember that most confrontations are very quick and you need to be able to have a clear mind and think quickly about how to best handle the situation.
  • There are many court cases where a gun owner can face serious legal troubles if the proper procedure/laws were not followed. Even if the gun owner was the victim of a crime initially, if you have no proof, you can be facing serious legal charges. Remember also specific scenarios such as if you’re a young guy that shoots a middle aged man that broke into your home, the judge is not going to be easy on you. Also keep in mind that race plays a huge role with guns. Imagine that you’re black and you shoot a white guy, the court is going to question your case more and more just because that’s what they do, unless you have SOLID evidence that they cannot question. Even though discrimination is not fair or legal, we must face the facts here, PLAY IT SAFE and leave your gun at home where there are less chances or having a crime backfire on you. If you’re a younger person, theres no need for a gun, unless you’re hanging out with people that own guns or criminals(that’s the risk you take). Our best word of advice is don’t carry a gun on you outside of your home if you don’t have the money to hire a GREAT lawyer to back up your defense. If you don’t have the money to deal with a serious court case, LEAVE YOUR GUN AT HOME! Trust us on this one, YOU do not want to be faced with a nonsense jail sentence and YOU were the victim of the crime. No matter your race, age or size a gun might save your life, but it may not save you from legal problems. Be careful and be smart, know the laws in and out!
  • A gun can kill and seriously injure someone. You need to be careful as you hold that persons life in YOUR hands. When you’re a gun owner you need to have a CLEAR mind. A stun gun might end up getting you into a black eye or two in the end since it will come to hand on hand combat, but at least you didn’t permanently injure or kill that person. You will also look like the good guy if the cops get involved regardless of your age or race which helps you stay out of court.
  • Cost of ammunition – We know it’s not that expensive but it does cost something.



If you’ve made it this far, you might think we have a bias towards stun guns and the answer is NO, we do not have a bias towards stun guns. If someone breaks into your home, and you’re standing there with your stun gun, you might have just brought your stun gun to a gun fight. Regardless a stun gun won’t do much for you at home. This is why a gun will always be the top home self defense weapon of choice. In fact, we don’t recommend buying a stun gun for protection at home, you would probably be better off with a kitchen knife instead! The reason we spent time writing this article is to outline the responsibility and self-control that is necessary when owning a gun. We also FIRMLY believe that there is a time and a place for guns and for stun guns.

Guns – The BEST home self-defense that you can buy, PERIOD. Also, the best self defense weapon anywhere you go, but was it the best if you are faced with HUGE legal problems?

Stun Guns/Tasers – The BEST form of overall self defense you can buy for the car or for being alone in person. Imagine that you’re taking your dog for walk at dark, is it really necessary to carry a gun on you? This is why we believe in both stun guns/tasers and guns depending on the situation. There is NOT a one size fits all solution in our opinion.

The real question is, what do you think is better based on scenario of course, stun guns or guns? Leave it in the comments section below, if we believe you raise a good point, we will feature your comment above. Stay safe everyone!

8 Comments/Reviews

  • Michael says:

    How long will the perpetrator be demobilized from the shock? Is their a chance that even a healthy attacker could get a heart attack from the shock? Does the stun gun have to touch the skin to be effective or is clothing okay?

  • Dani says:

    I understand that you have to be in contact with a perpetrator for the stun gun to work, but if he is touching you, won’t you get the shock as well?

    • Admin says:

      Dani, the shock emitted from the stun gun will not be felt from the user of the stun gun due to the low amperage of stun guns. However, if stun guns had significantly more amperage, then yes the user would feel the shock as well. However, it would take alot more power for the shock to be felt, it would require more than 10x the amperage of even the highest powered stun guns available. When using a stun gun, there is absolutely no risk of the user getting shocked if the perpetrator was touching you while the stun gun was being fired.

      • Dan J says:

        Wrong, this is DC voltage and as such the current will flow between the area of the two contacts on the stun gun. It will not travel to other parts of the body or to another person.

        The voltage is positive looking for the path of least resistance to ground. One electrode is positive and originates from the positive side of the battery and is looking for the closest ground which is the electrode connected to the negative side of the battery. It doesn’t matter the amount of voltage (difference of potential).

        Now if you were to grab someone’s hand really tight and stick a fork into a wall outlet they will feel the greater (if not all of the) shock as the wall outlet is AC voltage and it will pass through you to them.

  • Robert Costes says:

    Please respond:
    My wife and I are retired and going to be traveling by motorhome throughout north and south america. Would you consider a gun as the best protection while living in a motorhome the same as the primary residence?

    • Admin says:

      Robert, If you’re going to be traveling from state to state, then a gun would probably be your best choice. We recommend that you check the laws in each state before you arrive there, so that you don’t encounter any complications.

    • Shelley J says:

      DO NOT take a gun out of the country! If you are going to South America via Mexico and you are stopped by the police you will be immediately arrested. Citizens are not allowed to own guns in Mexico. I don’t know about any other countries or how they feel about stun guns

    • Rob says:

      What type of “gun” are you thinking of taking? Most states have very stringent laws on handguns, if you’re even allowed to carry one. Primary residence would be your home state (i.e. the state on your driver’s ID). I live in PA and cannot carry to anywhere in NY, and I’m not sure about Maryland. If you have a rifle or shotgun with a barrel of typically greater than 16″, then you would likely be safe in most states; but you need to check with the states you plan on traveling through.

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