High Quality Aluminum Flashlight Stun Gun


Vipertek VTS-195 Stun Gun

Price: $21.99

- Vipertek VTS-195 Stun Gun
- Charging Cord
- Nylon Holster
- VTS-195 Specific Operating Manual
- Lifetime Warranty

The Vipertek VTS-195 is a high quality aluminum body flashlight stun gun. While the VTS-195 is a high quality unit it does have a few cons. We recommend reading our entire review below to learn more.
Do you own a Vipertek VTS-195 Stun Gun or have any questions about the VTS-195? If so, we would love to hear more from you in the comments section below.

Description –

The Vipertek VTS-195 has been on the market since 2016 and it is still one of the most popular flashlight stun guns today. According to Vipertek they claim that the unit is made out of an Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Construction. According to our analysis we can tell that the body is constructed of aluminum. There are many metal bodied stun guns on the market today but if they are not made of aluminum or plastic we recommend staying away from them. Most people would rather not have to lug around a heavy stun gun. Just because a stun gun is heavy does not mean it is more effective. The VTS-195 is a solid and sturdy aluminum constructed unit that is very well built for the low price that these are available for.


Overall Quality –

The overall quality of this stun gun is excellent. On metal body stun guns we do a scratch test to determine what parts are metal and which are plastic. Without doing a scratch test it is sometimes hard to determine which parts are plastic or metal. Here are the results of the scratch test from top to bottom on the stun gun:

- Clear Plastic Flashlight Cover: Clear Plastic
- Top Bezel surrounding the electrical arc area: Black Plastic
- From the top bezel to the base of the unit: Anodized Black Aluminum
- Flashlight and Stun Gun buttons: Black Plastic
- Underneath the base of the unit where the charging port area is: Black Plastic
- On/Off main switch at the bottom of the unit: Black Plastic

Wrist Strap Strength: The wrist strap is more important than you would initially think. The wrist strap on the VTS-195 is non adjustable but it is of a perfect size of not being too small and not fitting your hand or being too big and then falling off your wrist. We also do a pull test to ensure that the strap is strong enough to withstand a potential attacker trying to grab and break the strap out of your hand. The wrist strap on the VTS-195 does not look very strong however it did pass our test and is very strong. An attacker would not be able to pull hard enough to break the strap.

Charging Port and Cable: The charging cable is a simple 2 pin design with an indentation on the cable that goes into the bottom of the stun gun unit so you cannot accidentally plug in the unit the wrong way. The charging cord itself is one of the thinnest we have seen. It probably doesn’t make a difference but the cord is thinner than other charging cords for other stun gun models. The charging cord fits in the bottom of the unit VERY loosely and will fall out or slide out with little to no resistance. The charging cable is 10 inches in total length from the 2 prongs that go into your 110v socket to the other end of the cable. We measured the total length of the actual cable without the two connectors on each end at 6.5 inches. When charging your VTS-195 we highly recommend putting something underneath the unit to support it so it is close enough to the electrical socket. If it is not supported, the charging cable will easily fall out and lose its connection. Overall we believe the charging cable itself and the charging cable fitting so loosely inside of the port are the weakest part of the design of the VTS-195 model.


Claimed Voltage –

At the time of purchasing and reviewing this product the claimed voltage is 59 billion volts. We do not get into voltage claims here at stun gun buyer’s guide. Many of the stun gun manufacturers and their resellers use wild claims to market their products. From test firing this unit alone we can tell that the unit has more than enough voltage to defend yourself.


Reliability –

Since the VTS-195 has been on the market for so long we have had the ability to test the reliability of the unit. This unit we have had now for over 5 years and it is still functioning and working properly. All of the functions work as expected and the battery still holds a charge for at least a month. We recommend that if your stun gun cannot hold a charge for at least a month you should replace it with a new one. You would not want to be in a situation where you need to use it and the battery is dead. The VTS-195 has been a solid and reliable unit.


Battery Life –

As we have mentioned above, our VTS-195 unit is still holding a charge after 5+ years. Our VTS-195 stun gun has held a charge for months while still being 100% functional which is excellent and something we look for when testing each and every stun gun we review. Even though our VTS-195 held a charge for several months we always recommend charging your stun gun once a month to be sure it is always ready to work when you need it most. According to the VTS-195 operating manual it recommends that you charge your unit for 1-2 hours every month to ensure that it is fully charged. We agree with the manufacturer on this charging procedure.

By charging your stun gun once a month it ensures that your stun gun is always fully charged and ready in the event that you ever have to use it. We recommend that you test all of the functions of the stun gun prior to charging to ensure that all of the features work 100%. In the event that one or more of the features no longer work, we recommend replacing the unit as it is not worth the risk of carrying around a unit that may not function when you need it. We also recommend that every stun gun should be charged at least once per month regardless of the manufacturers instructions. Also, for the Vipertek VTS-195 unit there is a lifetime warranty so you might as well contact the manufacturer and get your unit replaced if there is some sort of issue.

According to the Vipertek VTS-195 operating manual that is included with your stun gun there are specific charging instructions. The Vipertek VTS-195 charging instructions are quoted from the operating manual as follows:

“Connect the power cord to the bottom of the stun gun and plug the other end into a standard 110v AC electrical outlet. Charging time is about 10 to 12 hours. Do not overcharge the battery as this will shorten the battery’s life span. After this initial charge, you will only need to charge the stun gun for 1 to 2 hours every month to ensure that your stun gun is fully charged.”


Warranty –

At the time of purchasing and reviewing this product Vipertek claims that there is a lifetime warranty for the VTS-195 model. From contacting Vipertek many times for questions and/or warranty issues we have never seen a problem with Vipertek living up to these claims. The lifetime warranty can be seen online when purchasing the product but Vipertek does not include anything about the warranty within the packaging that you receive with your product. In our opinion this is something that Vipertek could improve on and they should include this within the product packaging.

Vipertek does include a card inside of the box for the VTS-195 that includes their email address to contact them to ensure you are happy with the product which is something nice that shows they are there to help you.


Case / Holster –

The holster for the VTS-195 is not perfect, it seems to be on the cheaper side. It is made of a very thin nylon material with a single loop for your belt to pass through. One interesting thing to note about the holster is that on the inside it has a rubberized material to help the stun gun from sliding around. Most stun gun holsters just have the same nylon material on the inside as the outside without the rubberized material.


Full Charge Time –

As per the operating manual the initial full charge time is 10 to 12 hours, then 1-2 hours monthly to keep it fully charged. This is an excellent charge time in our opinion.


Flashlight Brightness and Beam –

We have seen brighter flashlights from other stun gun models. Although in our ratings table below we gave this a 4/5 stars for flashlight brightness. The color of the flashlight is approximately 8,000K which is a cool white/light blue color. This VTS-195′s flashlight is more of a long range focused beam rather than a wide beam. The VTS-195 features a single LED.


Overall Value –

While the VTS-195 is not perfect we do believe it is a great value for the price you are paying. To be able to purchase an aluminum body flashlight stun gun for less than $25 with a lifetime warranty is truly amazing in our opinion. We have read other reviews on build quality issues and other problems that seemed to randomly pop up from customer to customer but for the price you are paying and what you are receiving this is a great value.


Conclusion –

The Vipertek VTS-195 is an excellent stun gun for the price. While having an aluminum body stun gun is not necessary we feel that is really the main feature of the VTS-195 model. If having an aluminum body on your stun gun is important to you, then the VTS-195 is the best aluminum body stun gun we have tested. If you are looking for the lightest possible stun gun, you should stick with a plastic body stun gun. At Stun Gun Buyer’s Guide we like high quality materials on our products just like everyone else, but we personally prefer plastic body stun guns due to less weight. A stun gun is not a product you keep around for 20 years, it is something that is made to last a few years, discard it when the battery is dead or the unit stops functioning and buy the next one. The VTS-195 is overall an excellent product and especially for the price.

Conclusion Rating
Maximum Voltage
5 stars
4 stars
Battery Life
3 stars
Warranty Length
5 stars
3 stars
Full Charge Time
4 stars
Flashlight Brightness
4 stars
Overall Quality
4 stars
Overall Price/Value Ratio
4 stars

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