#1 Best Rated Taser


Taser C2 Taser Gold Kit

Includes: Taser C2 Main Unit, 2 Live Taser C2 Cartridges, 1 Training Cartridge, LPM Battery Pack, Practice Target, Instruction Manual, Training Disc and Holster.

The Taser C2 Gold Kit is a quality product. However, keep in mind for us to rate it as #3 best, it HAS to be good. Read below for a full a comprehensive review.

Before we go into any voltage numbers or quality aspects of this taser/stun gun unit, we need to explain some exact aspects of this product to help you better understand the differences between this product and other self defense products. Firstly, remember this is a TASER, which means upon being fired, it will shoot electrically charged projectiles towards the target. Stun guns do not shoot projectiles, you must make contact with the target in order to stun them. This unit has the features of both a stun gun and a taser. Below are a list of pros and cons, please make sure to read this entire review in its entirety to better understand this product in particular. This is a very unique and different product compared to other stun guns and tasers for sale on the market, you need to understand every aspect prior to purchasing as its not as simple as just purchasing this unit and then using it upon delivery.


- Shoots electrically charged projectiles up to 15 ft (this is by far the single MOST important feature of this stun gun)

- Laser sight for aiming accuracy

- Small & lightweight compared to other tasers

- TASER© will replace your unit if you end up leaving the taser at the scene of the incident


- This unit will not work until it is activated. Activation requires a background check from TASER©. Requirements listed below.

- Battery is non-rechargeable. Even though they say the unit can last 50 firings with one battery, a replacement battery costs $39.99. What we don’t understand is how this is acceptable when EVERY other stun gun/taser on the market has a charger/rechargeable battery. Even though the battery is non-rechargeable if it ever goes low on power, the indicator light will change from green to yellow. This indicator will give you a good idea that its getting time to replace your battery.

- Cartridges, cartridges and more cartridges….they are NOT cheap. If you ever decide that you want to fire the taser, it needs to have an unused cartridge loaded and ready. Cartridges cost anywhere from $35-$60 each depending on the quantity you buy. Once a cartridge has been fired, that’s it, you’re gonna need to spend $35+ to buy another one.

- Having a taser instead of a stun gun seems always great on paper….but is it really? No, there are many situations where a stun gun will outperform a taser. For example, lets say you fire the taser at the attacker and you miss, he’s gonna come right after you and then all that you’re left with is the stun gun feature, which was built as a BACKUP self defense option. In that scenario I would feel much safer using a higher powered stun gun instead of the low output of the stun gun on this unit.

- Confidentiality – This is what killed it for us, which is mainly the sole reason of why I prefer an un-registered self defense product. Not only do you have to “apply” to register the taser unit, but there are several other drawbacks as well. If you decide to fire your TASER© C2 at the assailant not only does the unit shoot out the electrically charged probes, but it also shoots a few dozen sticky confetti pieces at the target. These little confetti pieces have your specific taser serial number on them. What this means is that, they could easily track down who shot the taser unit since it must be registered in order to be activated. This can be a positive thing so that we don’t have just anyone out there shooting tasers at people. However, if i’m shooting a taser at an attacker, it probably means that i’m not at home and I just need quick reliable self defense. I’m not looking to get involved with the police, file police reports and exchange my personal information essentially with the assailant. Remember if you ever file a police report over any type of activity, you are essentially giving your information to the assailant and he’s giving his personal information to you as well. The scenario of taking my wife to dinner at the beginning of the night and then end the night by filing a police report, that’s not the kind of night I had originally planned. TASER© will guarantee a FREE replacement of your unit, IF there is a police report filed obviously.

- Reloadable cartridges – The Taser C2 cartridges are reloadable….so let’s say you just fired the taser at the assailant, the only feature that you are left with for the next 30 seconds is the built in stun gun. If you want to reload another cartridge, you will have to wait at least 30 seconds. We are unsure of the reasoning for this, but this is not very practical in our opinion. When in the heat of the moment, there’s quite a bit that can go wrong in 30 seconds. We actually find this to be a huge drawback to the taser C2.

Pros/Cons Conclusion

After reading the pros and cons it may seem that the cons outweigh the positive aspects of the Taser C2 unit. However, there are several features of the C2 that may not appeal to us, but will work just fine for others. Remember the reviews that we do are to help better inform you prior to making a purchase on a self defense product. When it comes to the most affordable best taser on the market, the Taser C2 gets the job done and does it well.

Taser C2 Product Features and Packages

The Taser C2 comes in several different package types. As you can see the review here is for the Taser C2 Gold Kit. We have been able to locate 3 different package types:

- Basic
- Gold
- Platinum (we cannot find the taser c2 platinum kit for sale through the TASER© website, but other retailers have this kit)

Below is a breakdown of all the included accessories and differences per package type.

Basic Package

- Taser C2 main unit (it seems the only color for the basic package is black)
- (1) Live Taser C2 cartridge
- LPM Battery Pack
- Manual & Training Disc

Gold Package

- Taser C2 main unit (comes in several different colors to choose from)
- (2) Live Taser C2 cartridges
- (1) Training Cartridge
- LPM Battery Pack
- Practice Target
- Manual & Training Disc
- Holster

Platinum Package (Only found through 3rd party retailers, we cannot find this through the Taser website)

- Taser C2 main unit (comes in several different colors to choose from)
- (4) Live Taser C2 cartridges
- (1) Training Cartridge
- LPM Battery Pack
- Practice Target
- Manual & Training Disc
- Holster

If you pay attention closely to the differences from the basic to the gold package is pretty substantial and definitely worth the price. The difference between the gold and platinum taser c2 packages is 2 additional live cartridges on the platinum version, thats it.
Why did we rate the taser c2 gold kit higher than the basic package?

We want to explain this in detail so that no one becomes confused since the taser c2 main unit is technically 100% identical in all package types. Since the only differences rely only on the accessories, why would we rate the different package types differently? The reason for this is specifically for the training cartridge and additional live cartridge. The practice target is not a necessity and neither is the holster. The holster might be necessity for some people, but it wasn’t for us. The reason that the training cartridge is important is because after activation, you should get used to how your taser works and at least take one practice shot so that you know what to expect if you ever need to fire it in a real life situation. Even though the gold & platinum taser c2 kits come in “cool” different colors, this is not a necessity once again, self defense is not about style, it is about ultimately about safety. We also feel that having just one cartridge is not very practical, which is another reason why we prefer the taser c2 gold kit instead of the basic package. Remember at the end of the day, the choice is yours. We are are here to review these products and show the differences in each model, but YOU are going to be the one using the product. You want to purchase what makes you feel safe or comfortable.

We have covered most of all the important details and key aspects of the Taser C2 so now we’ll move on to the next part of the review which are all the stats and test results.


Maximum Voltage Test -

Maximum Average Voltage (Button Depressed for 3 seconds, battery is FULLY Charged) – 51,361 Volts

Reliability -

As for the reliability of the Taser C2, we give it a perfect 5/5 stars. This is mainly due to LED being able to change from Green to Yellow if the battery power goes low. We feel this is a HUGE feature on the stun gun, even though it seems simple, there aren’t many other tasers or stun guns on the market that will let you know if your battery is low or not. With stun guns or tasers, the battery life is usually the largest indicator of reliability.

Battery Life -

While TASER© gives you a high-end Lithium-Ion battery with their products, it is NOT rechargeable on the C2. TASER© claims that the battery life is good for 50 shots, however, who is realistically going to fire 50 shots with their C2? I’m not sure about you, but we use our flashlight on our stun guns/tasers quite a bit. If you use your flashlight too much on your C2, you might just end up having to buy another battery from TASER© for $40.

Warranty -

The standard Taser C2 warranty length is 1 year. However, keep in mind that their warranty paperwok is HUGE.

Voltage Stabilization Test -

While doing our voltage stabilization test for tasers, we don’t have a 100% dead on voltage number as it’s very difficult to test the probes and the power only runs through these shock probes for usually 30 seconds or less. This is why we have a voltage range listed for this particular test.

Average Voltage Stabilization Test (Button Depressed for 10 seconds, battery on FULL charge) – 32,300 – 47,102 Volts

Case/Holster -

Remember as per the included accessories listed above, only the Gold & Platinum C2 kits come with holsters. The holster that comes included with the Gold/Platinum kit is very high-quality.

Full Charge Time -

The Taser C2 does not come with a charger or rechargeable battery pack. While almost all other stun guns and tasers that we have reviewed on our site have a charger, the C2 does not.

Even though the Taser C2 does not have a rechargeable battery, this taser has other great features that some other stun guns/tasers that we’ve reviewed do not. The first really cool feature is the LED light, this is the same light that changes from red to green during product activation. This light will illuminate yellow if the battery starts getting low. This indicator is helpful as most other stun guns and tasers do not come with a battery indicator light.

The next great feature is the laser sight that this taser has. This allows you to aim your shot at the assailant.

Flashlight Brightness -

The flashlight on the Taser C2 is definitely not its strong point. We would put the flashlight brightness at “decent” at best. We feel a product that costs $400 should have a much brighter flashlight. However, it seems that the reason for the lack of flashlight brightness is due to the non-rechargeable battery. We know they could produce a product with a much brighter flashlight, but why, why and why did they decide to go with a non-rechargeable battery?

Overall Quality -

The quality on the Taser C2 is very high end. We would put the quality of this unit on par with military grade self-defense products.

Overall Value -

We would give the overall value of this taser a 6/10. It’s $400 and the cartridges are extremely expensive. When you buy a Taser C2, it doesn’t feel like “hey friends, look at this amazing deal I just got!”. It feels more like, well I bought a Taser and now I feel more safe. The price we feel should be $199-$249 with cheaper cartridges. The quality of this stun gun definitely represents a $400 product and beyond, but it just doesn’t feel like you’re getting a good deal on your purchase.

Conclusion -

The overall conclusion is a hard one for us, because there are aspects of this taser that are truly revolutionary and there are aspects that are horrible. If you want an “entry-level” taser, we recommend this product to anyone looking to buy a taser or a stun gun. If you want the absolute best taser, we say go with the Phazzer Enforcer, but be prepared to spend $500-$600 plus the costs of any accessories.

As for quality, ease of use and the best overall entry level taser at the lowest cost, the Taser C2 is a great choice. We have a C2 registered by us, but we never bring it with us. The reason we rated this higher than the Phazzer Enforcer is only due to the price. We feel that the Taser C2 is definitely the best bang for the buck, but if you read this article in its entirety, you now are well aware of the drawbacks of an entry level product and a product sold by TASER© which must be registered prior to activation.

Conclusion Rating
Maximum Voltage
4 stars
5 stars
Battery Life
5 stars
Warranty Length
4 stars
Voltage Stabilization
5 stars
5 stars
Full Charge Time
5 stars
Flashlight Brightness
5 stars
Overall Quality
5 stars
Overall Price/Value Ratio
5 stars

19 Comments/Reviews

  • Paul says:

    Ibought battery for
    C2 but is not coming on its only shows light when is the charger when you take it out comes off

  • Bob Cardone says:
    1 stars

    C2 Batteries are horrible. The last $45 battery I bought for my C2 lasted 3 months. I have given up on using my Taser, too expensive.

  • L. says:
    1 stars

    Will never buy Taser product again. Have a C2 and a X26c. The C2 reveiws are spot on. Battery sucks. Not rechargeable. Cost $50 bucks. Worse, the X26c. The safety broke. Sent back to repair. Cost? $1,000. F*ck them. Getting 2 firearms for that price that don’t use batteries and are more reliable. I used to be a shareholder as well. Now, I will forever tell anyone who will listen what a poor choice these things are for self defense.

  • Mark says:
    1 stars

    bought a C2 for my wife so she wouldn’t always have to rely on just a pistol, as a veteran I know taking a human life, even in war, is not a normal human action and as such it has mental consequences. I was trained for it, every day and the first time I had to take that action I was not prepared for what happened next especially when you are 40 feet from the target, I never want my wife to experience that unless absolutely required.
    Sadly her C2 has never been fired, never played with, light never used etc… and today I go get it and batter is D E A D only to find this site to find out this is a normal occurrence! I will not be buying another battery but will be buying a better rechargeable stun device so if anybody wants this POS stun gun feel free to contact me, pay $10 for shipping and its yours.

    • Anthony says:

      I would be greatfull to purchase this from you if you still have it. I work armed security for a living & Have a potential use for it. Thank you

  • ASD says:
    1 stars

    I went to a professional indoor shooting range on May 25, 2016 to practice with the training cartridge (the blue one). The attendant took the target sheet, mounted it on heavy cardboard, attached it to a target holder, and put it 12’ out from where I was standing.

    After carefully watching the training videos and reading the manual, I aimed the laser in the center of the torso on the enclosed practice target sheet, held the C2 in a vertical position, pointed the laser in the center of the torso, and gently pressed the trigger.

    One of the prongs went into the exact spot where I had pointed the laser. The second prong never hit the target, bounced back, and hit me just above my knee. It went right through my blue jeans, but somehow managed not puncturing my skin although it definitely hurt when it hit my skin.

    The attendant confirmed that the second prong never hit any part of the target (there was no secondary hole), saw where the second prong entered my clothing just above my knee, and directed me to the ladies room where I could privately remove the prong from my blue jeans.

    I have tried to call Taser International several times, but you can never talk to a live person and always have to leave a voicemail message. I have never received a return phone call.

    I am extremely scared to use my Taser C2 to fire a real cartridge as it could easily bounce back again and not only hit my body but give me a very painful and disabling electric shock.

  • BEW says:
    1 stars

    The C2 is a dangerous piece of junk. any positive reviews are from people who have owned the C2 less than a few months. How often do you actually need to use a taser gun? Hopefully never. When you actually need to use C2, when you attempt to fire it in an emergency situation, IT WILL NOT WORK, IT WILL NOT FIRE.

    The manufacturer says the battery has a shelf life of 5+ years, however, what they do not tell you is that after the battery is installed in the C2, there is a trickle that makes the C2 dead in a few months. DEAD. You will pull it out in a critical situation and nothing will happen.

    The battery and the unit is NOT RECHARGEABLE. You need to replace the $50 battery (if you can remember) every 3 to 5 months or the unit will not work.

    I threw mine away after it did not work in a dangerous situation. I had to do some research to realize the poor battery life of the unit, even when it is off, not used, and not armed. Buy a unit that is rechargeable instead, for your own safety.

  • GB says:
    2 stars

    Taser International customer support is poor. After having a C2 for about 5 years, during which it fired only 2 test shots, I sent it back to Taser to be fixed because the device would drain a new battery in about 5 months. The response from Taser was that I should buy a new device at full retail price. In fairness the device was no longer under warranty but I guess repeat business from consumers is not high on their list of priorities.

  • Alan says:
    2 stars

    Dead battery right out of box when trying to activate, so I can’t really rate it until I spend another $40 to finish.
    Not pleased.

  • jackofall says:

    Great for the initial drop and shake to the ground….keep handy / use a high quality back-up stun gun if further protection is required in 30 seconds or the battery isn’t charged fully… you are your own keeper.

  • tomkat says:
    4 stars

    Received my Taser C2 laser gold Kit really fast Product is as advertised i test fired it once using the training cartridge and it performed great sounds nasty i really love it but i think i paid too much for it

  • christine says:
    5 stars

    I feel uneasy carrying a gun so i bought the Taser C2 Taser/Stun Gun Gold Kit. It is extremely easy to hold and operate.

  • Darlene says:
    5 stars

    The Taser C2 Gold kit is very well made. It was already activated, which was nice not having to go through the steps to get activation done. Good price overall for the C2 Gold Kit

  • Taylor W says:
    4 stars

    I really like how they send a test cartridge for you to test the unit. it sounds really scary. i definitely wouldn’t want to be shot by one of these i hope i don’t have to use it ever but the price could be a little cheaper

  • heather r says:
    4 stars

    This unit is lightweight, compact, and concealable. It is very easy to use and light is bright.

  • Nom N says:
    4 stars

    Product is as advertised and delivered promptly. Bought this taser for my Niece. The only thing that i dont like is the price

  • Karen A says:
    4 stars

    The training video that came with the Taser C2 Taser/Stun Gun Gold Kit was easy to follow. registration was a little difficult but i love this taser.

  • Kim D says:
    4 stars

    This is a nice compact stun gun and I have full confidence that it is enough to put someone on the ground. instructions are very simple to understand. registration was easy.

    • Dana mcdonough says:

      I concur with all unsatisfactory comments on C2 units.. Replaced a battery in never fired or damaged unit now units light stays on sent C2 in for diagnosis and all I got back was a bill for 349.99 replacement cost. NO explanation of what or why unit suddenly needed replacing due to just changing a battery out.Do not buy anything from TASER my RMA 217654 so u know this is the absolute truth..

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